Ingrid Hagen

Ingrid Hagen
Jahrgang 1961

Ingrid Hagen, born in 1961, in Germany, lived a relatively normal life as self employed architect until 2012. This is when several incidents happened and one in particular, which brought her life upside down. She packed her bags and left her old life with all consequences behind at the beginning of 2013 to revive an old convent in Münsterland (Germany). Under new omens. In a new robe. Timely. Her high calling.
She has learned to see, recognize and understand a lot since then. Being a constructive intellectual person, she is anchored down-on-earth in reality, but also blessed with a big spectrum of subtle perceptions. She masters the splits between heaven and earth spoken and written to give all people access to the godly presence.

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Ingrid Hagen, Ingrid Hagen
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