Mandy K.

Mandy K.
Jahrgang 1999

Mandy K. is a creative writer who originally intended to publish ''The Story of a Loner'' (2017) as her first & final poetry collection. But very soon after publishing, she realized there was too much inspiration for her to stop writing. ’’Whenever I’m asked what exactly I’m writing about, I usually just say ‘’philosophy’’ - which is, partly, correct. Yet, I’m trying to cope with depression by writing my thoughts & feelings on paper in the most authentic ways. I personally hate it when depression’s romanticized, so I decided to write about nothing but the ugly truth - with a hint of sarcasm though, because that’s part of my kind of coping.’’
The Story of a Loner was followed by The Final Stroke, Pen and Paper & Constellation of Sadness which deal with relevant topics affecting everyone.

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