Venus de Vilo

Venus de Vilo
Jahrgang 1991

Venus de Vilo is a theatrical Irish musician specialising in the vaudeville, macabre and bloody side of dark horror music. An internationally published and acclaimed comic book artist and Gothic-horror illustrator, Venus has recently been signed to German Horror Punk record label Undead Artists. Vile mother of three EPs, a Frightmas album, three rotten rhymes poetry albums and one thirteen track musical monstrosity, Venus is currently working on a twenty-six track deluxe double album entitled Cadaverotica. If you like your humour black, and your live shows bloody then Venus de Vilo is the glitter-encrusted weirdo for you. Occasionally she also writes short stories of fan-fiction and self concocted horror.

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Venus de Vilo, Venus de Vilo
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